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150 beats per minute, Texas heat and my crazy cravings…

I had an OB check-up earlier today.

Doctor says everything looks good and we listened to Baby Bagpiper’s heartbeat. It’s beating at 150 beats per minute and I think it’s the coolest sound ever. Afterward, I scheduled my 20-week sonogram — you know, the one where Bagpiper and I finally get to know if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl! The appointment isn’t until July 29, but it’s perfect because Bagpiper is on leave that week, and I think that will be a terrific ending to a week off.

So that’s the happy news.

The sad news is about the dog. Because Texas is in a heat wave (no surprise — when is Texas not in a heat wave?) all the airlines are saying that until it cools down a little, there will be no dogs allowed on flights. They’re not even allowing dogs to ride in the cabin! So mother-in-law has decided to wait until September before flying out to Okinawa with the dog.

Oh my little Sushi-dog...I miss you so much!


It seems like so far away.

And even though I know it’s for the best, I’m still bummed. I really do miss my Sushi-dog. But that flight is going to be super long and traumatic enough for her without adding potential heat stroke to the mix. So I will do my best to be patient.

In some ways, it’s a blessing in disguise because if my mother-in-law had come down this coming week as originally planned, we’d be really bored. Bagpiper will be in Guam next week and I am still not ready to tackle left-side-of-the-road driving. By waiting until September it gives me time to muster up some courage and take the plunge to get behind the wheel over here. Plus, hopefully Bagpiper and I will find some neat places while he’s on leave so that when she does arrive we’ll have lots to show her.

Otherwise, things are great. I still haven’t felt the baby move, but the doctor assures me this is normal and that I will probably begin to feel little flutters in the next couple of weeks. She said not to expect hard kicks, since the baby just doesn’t have the muscle strength for that yet. Still, I imagine the first time I feel the little flutters (and not think it’s just gas) it’s going to be a really amazing moment.

There’s not much else going on, except my out-of-control cravings, which Bagpiper is amazing about. A couple weeks ago it was chicken pot pies. This week it’s been chicken salad sandwiches, though right this moment I’d love some nachos with queso that they make at Chili’s (and thank goodness there’s a Chili’s on Kadena)…



I’m safe and sound in Okinawa, Japan! After two layovers and about 22 hours in the air, I landed in Okinawa around 10:30pm Wednesday (8:30am Wednesday in Texas). Bagpiper picked me up at the airport (he hitched a ride from a fellow bandsmen and his wife) and they drove us to the hotel on base.

We’ll be in the hotel for the rest of the week and then we’ll move into our off-base house. And in case you haven’t seen a picture of our house…

I'm not even joking. This is seriously our new home.

It’s a two-story Japanese-style home. Two bedrooms, an office and 1.5 bathrooms. Oh, and it’s about 25 yards away from the beach. How amazing is that? We get to move in on Monday, but the Bagpiper is going to try to take me to see the house this weekend.

Meanwhile, I have a lovely view of Camp Foster from my hotel window:

View from hotel room window.

I have not done any official site seeing yet. I got in too late last night, and frankly, after all those hours on airplanes, all I wanted to do was lay down comfortably in a bed and sleep next to my hubby. So far, I have not really experienced any¬† jet-lag. I’m now 14 hours ahead of CST, but I’m glad I got in so late last night, because (hopefully) it will help me adjust to the time difference.

That’s all I have to report now, expect more updates and pictures soon!

Less than two weeks to go!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Bagpiper left for Japan. We talk regularly on Skype and on the phone (thank God for international plans!) and he’s doing really well out there.

He says it’s gorgeous; I can’t wait until I’m there to share it with him.

Surprisingly, the Bagpiper didn’t have much jet lag, even though there is a 14 hour time difference. He said he slept the first day, but after that he was good. I think this is partially because he’s anxious to get everything set up before I get there. Speaking of which…

…my flight is reserved for May 17! That’s less than two weeks away!

I’ll fly to Minneapolis first, then Tokyo and arrive in Okinawa late on May 18. It’ll be a lot of time flying, but I’m excited. I plan on filling my eReader with plenty of books so that I have lots of choices to read. I also have some knitting, so I can knit some baby bibs on the plane too.

I’m entering my 8th week (I think), and the nausea comes and goes, but overall I’m doing well. I’m sleepy a lot, so I’m taking a bunch of naps. Once I’m in Okinawa, I’ll make my first prenatal appointment and find out exactly how far along am and all that stuff. I just don’t want to start in Texas and then switch doctors in Japan. To me, it makes more sense to wait an extra week.

I also haven’t begun to practice Japanese. I’m waiting until after Monday — after I take my French final. Then I’ll start studying Japanese. It’s too much work to try to learn two languages at the same time.

Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot going on. Just waiting….and time is going soo slowly.

I’m ready to be with my husband.

The trouble with Tribbles…

Brr! It’s been a chilly week in Texas; look, we even got snow:


OK, so many of you probably don’t think that light dusting is even considered snow, but trust me…people in Texas are freaking out over it. Imagine last year when we had nearly a foot of snow on Christmas Eve! Crazy times.

So with the cold weather and the “snow”, I’ve been spending as much time as possible indoors where it’s nice and warm. The majority of my time (when I’m not in class) is spent in my crafty room, knitting and watching whatever is in my Netflix instant queue (btw, God bless the soul who invented Netflix — they are a genius). Add a mug of hot chocolate in a “knitted” mug, and you’ve got one super amazing afternoon.

Finished a Tribble as well as "Torchwood: Children of Earth".

This past week I finished up some WiPs I had on needles from 2010, among them a dishcloth I started sometime in August (?!) and never finished. Terrible. After the dishcloth (pattern: Waffle Dishcloth), I finished a Boucle Shawl (actually began this 2009!) and then began casting on for Tribbles.

I always love knitting things for my kitchen (kitchen towels and dishcloths), but I’ve never knitted a Tribble. The pattern’s been in my Ravelry queue for ages, and I finally cast on for my first on on Saturday. I knit one Saturday, half of one Sunday (finished it earlier today) and I’m halfway through a third. You couldn’t ask for an easier, quicker knitting project than a Tribble.

There are definitely a plethora of Tribbles in my future. The only trouble with Tribbles seems to be how addicting they are to knit.

Tribble the First

After this third one, however, I’m going to cast on for the Shroom hat. It’s part of a Tumblr KAL for January. Most people, I think, seem to be done with theirs. I hadn’t started because I didn’t have the right size needles. Bought what I needed today (with birthday money I received yesterday) and I’ll be casting on later tonight.

I may not like the cold, but it’s definitely good for my knitting!

What are your first projects for 2011?