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I knew he’d cave in eventually.


This happened a while ago, but with the dog finally arriving and MIL visiting, I haven’t had much blogging time (so don’t expect much from me this week).

But I thought I’d share this. Remember how I was in an epic battle against the Bagpiper for a Doctor Who game with sonic screwdriver? Yea. I won.

I didn’t even have to hit 100 comments to make this happen.

He still thinks he’s right about my not playing the game for more than five minutes, but you know what? Who cares. Even if through some divine miracle he is right? I still have the game which means I won — and really, that’s all that matters in the end, right? Bwahaha!

Next up, that $95 Tardis-shaped tea pot I saw on Pinterest…

…I don’t even drink tea, but I like to think that I would if it came out of a Tardis and was tea from all of time and space.


It’s bigger on the inside…

Like I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t get to finish many projects this month. I did a nice pair of cabled fingerless gloves for a friend’s daughter and I also knit a cozy for my Sony Daily Edition eReader (which, btw, I love).

I’m pretty proud of my eReader cozy. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan — but if you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you probably already know this. While searching Ravelry for eReader cozy patterns, I came across an iPod cozy pattern in the shape of a TARDIS*.

I just about died with geeky glee. With a few easy adjustments to the pattern, I was able to knit a TARDIS for my eReader.

Project: TARDIS Cozy
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport in River
Ravelry Project Info
(includes adjustments made in “notes” section)

Yay! If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you probably know how cool this is. You probably also get the quote, “It’s bigger on the inside.”

*Explanations for the non-Doctor Who fans:

TARDIS: Stands for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. It’s a blue police box the Doctor uses to travel through time and space.

It’s bigger on the inside.: What the Doctor often says when someone new steps into the TARDIS. On the outside, it’s a normal blue police box. On the inside, it’s epic.


The Tenth Doctor in front of the TARDIS

…and now the inside:

"It's bigger on the inside."

And one more picture of the Tenth Doctor, just because.

The TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor and the almight Sonic Screwdriver!

If you don’t watch Doctor Who…you really should. It’s lots of fun. Especially the seasons with David Tennant. He’s my favorite Doctor by far. If you have Netflix, the first four seasons are available via instant streaming.