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Catching up and October goals

ZOMG. It’s going on nearly three weeks since I’ve posted anything.

I’ve thought about it, I really have, but all the energy I had during the second trimester has seem to have flown away. I’m into the third trimester now (only three months to go!) and I find myself tired all the damn time.

So I’ve had to really evaluate how I want to handle my goals for October. My September goals…well…some I met and some I didn’t. The ones that I didn’t were mostly due to how tired I’ve been the past few weeks.

September Goals


  • Finish current novella. It’s about 30% done.
  • Write at least 500 words a day. Seems small, but 500 words is better than no words.
  • Track daily word count in Excel.
  • No playing Sims 3 until word count is met and counted for the day. (Yay for reward system)


  • Finish baby hat/booties set.
  • Finish baby blanket #1
  • Cast on for baby blanket #2 (if yarn order ever arrives) and knit at least 50% (or finish, if possible)

Mommy Stuff:

  • Figure out where Bagpiper and I are purchasing furniture from.
  • Order/Ship/Assemble crib, changer/dresser and rocking chair.
  • Order nursery bedding.
  • Feel like I’m somewhat prepared for motherhood by having a crib already.

What I got done:

  • Didn’t play any Sims 3, but recently, Sidney Bristol has gotten me hooked on Zombie Lane over on G+…
  • Finished baby hat.
  • Figure out where Bagpiper and I are purchasing furniture from.
  • Order/Ship/Assemble crib, changer/dresser and rocking chair.
  • Order nursery bedding.
  • Feel like I’m somewhat prepared for motherhood by having a crib already.

All the baby stuff got done because I married an awesome man. The nursery is now about 75 percent ready. All that’s left is for me to organize the closet and move my yarn bins and a few books into our bedroom closet (which is ridiculously huge). A sweep/mop job and some displaying of baby stuff I have piled in the crib, and the nursery will be done.

Just yesterday, in fact, Bagpiper and I went to the furniture store and purchased a rocking chair for the nursery and a playpen/bassinet combo. We have all the “big” baby stuff out of the way. My mom is throwing me a virtual baby shower later this month — like a normal baby shower, complete with food and games, except I’m going to be Skyping in.

Also yesterday, Bagpiper and I purchased a really nice KING SIZED bed. In the years we’ve been together, we’ve slept on some really crummy mattresses. Our first mattress, was my bed from home. Comfy, but twin sized. Our next was a full size that was pretty cheap, so it wasn’t very comfy after the first month, also, it was me, him and the dog — so not a lot of room, despite the fact that the dog is tiny (all three of us like to sprawl out). Currently, we’re using a government issued bed (we left the full-size in Texas). It’s also full size and OMG…it’s hella uncomfortable. Sleeping on rocks would be more comfortable. I’d say I’m uncomfortable because of the pregnancy, but Bagpiper has told me his back hurts because of the bed too.

So, we finally did it and threw a lot of money at a really nice, high quality KING SIZE bed. It’ll arrive on Thursday and we’re both pretty excited about this.

Between the new mattress and having all the big stuff in the nursery, October is off to a really good start. Still, because I’m tired frequently, I’m keeping my goals very light.

October Goals


  • Finish “Party Favors”. I’d estimate that I’m about 7o percent done. A couple of scenes and adding the smexy bits is all that’s really left.
  • Plan for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I’m still going to do NaNo. Except this year I need/want to go in with an outline. If I’m going to be sleepy a lot, I need all the preparation I can get. Still deciding between three ideas, so I need to figure out which I want to write.


  • Finish enough books to schedule reviews through January (this is an October/November goal. I’ll be taking maternity leave from Book Addicts from the last half of December through the month of January. Don’t want to leave my girls hanging!) I’ve been getting lots of reading done, so I don’t see this as being a big issue, I’m just writing this so I remember to actually write the reviews… 😛


Mommy Stuff

  • Finish the nursery. Preferably by Oct. 20 — this is when mother-in-law is visiting. More importantly, this is when mother-in-law BRINGS MY SUSHI DOG TO JAPAN.
  • Spend ridiculous amounts of time cuddling my dog when she arrives. Cause, yea, I’m one of those people whose pets are their babies. Their might be a human baby in my belly, but my Sushi dog is still my child, too.

Other than all of that, there’s not a lot new to report. I’m bigger and rounder and dealing with lots more punches and kicks. I’m trying out a slew of new recipes from Pinterest this week, so hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures and share.

Oh, PS, for those of you who look for me on FB, I’ve kind of slacked off on playing on FB. The new changes drive me bonkers, and I really can’t stand the fact that I can’t turn off the “top story” feature. You can still find me on Twitter and on G+, however.


10 Minute Power Cleaning

If there’s a downside to being sick for a coupel of weeks (other than, you know, being sick and feeling like crap), it’s that the housework piles up like zomg.

In the past, if I were to get sick, Bagpiper would pick up the slack around the house. In the past, however, he had a little more time on his hands. He’s been super busy the past few weeks — going in to work early, staying late — so needless to say, the housework piled up.

I don’t mind cleaning, but when you haven’t cleaned house in almost two weeks and you look around your home and see all the things that need doing…well, it’s daunting. Daunting to the point that you don’t even know where to start and you don’t want to start.

That was me this morning. I told myself today was going to be for cleaning, but going downstairs this morning…

…it was scary.

So I didn’t clean this morning.

This afternoon, however, I remembered a 10 minute cleaning list thing I had found weeks ago on Pinterest (my addiction to this website is seriously, seriously getting out of hand). I pulled up the cleaning list and tweaked it to suit my needs.

Basically, the cleaning works like this:

1.Break down your house into rooms — kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc.

2. Write down tasks that need to be accomplished in each room. For example, for kitchen, my list said: dishes, counters, trash, stove top, appliances.

3. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Start in that first room and clean until the timer goes off. It’s OK if you don’t finish everything on your list in the 10 minutes. The idea is to clean for 10 minutes and then move on to the next room on your list. In my case, it was the living room. In the living room, take everything that doesn’t belong and put it in a basket. Leave it alone. You’ll come back for this stuff later. Set the timer for 10 minutes and clean (dust, pick up trash…ignore the floors for now).

4. After 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break. After your break, go back to room one, set the timer and repeat. So, if you didn’t finish the kitchen in the first 10 minutes, do it in the second 10 minutes. You repeat these steps until the rooms are clean, remembering to take a break every 30 minutes.

5. When the rooms are clean, sweep/mop/vacuum the floors. Do some laundry if it needs doing. That basket of stuff that didn’t belong in the living room? Put that stuff away.

6. Look around at your clean house and feel accomplished.

The original cleaning list can be found here. I just tweaked it to suit the needs in my house (for example, original list has you using the dishwasher. I don’t have a dishwasher, so I did dishes by hand.) and I ignored the first three steps of “Make the bed. Get dressed. Put shoes on.”

I rarely make the bed. I subscribe to the school of thought that believes making the bed is rather pointless. Also, I live in a Japanese house…no shoes inside the home. 😉

It’s really amazing what you can accomplish in each room in just 10 minutes. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself “racing” against the timer, trying to see how much you can get done before it goes off. In my first 30 minutes, I managed to get about 95 percent of the kitchen done (all that’s left is the counters and stove top), the downstairs bathroom, the living room and dining room.

I took a little longer than 10 minutes on my first break…but I stopped to write this blog post. I’m hoping my next 30 minutes yields a finished kitchen, entry way, upstairs bathroom and bedrooms. After that, another break and then the floors and laundry. About the only room I’m ignoring is Bagpiper’s office. That’s his problem.

How do you tackle household cleaning when it piles up like zomg?

Now cooking: Dill mashed potatoes and mini funnel cakes!

For the few of you who had been following my “Married to a Marine” blog, you know that Bagpiper and mine’s search for a crib had been going horrendously.

Assembling the crib. ❤

After lots of searches into various cribs, bassinets, etc., we decided that we wanted a convertible crib. One that would change from a crib into a twin size bed and up to a full size. Unfortunately, it seemed as though no one, not even the military stores, would ship overseas to our FPO address. The cribs we’d find in the stores on base were always out of stock or they weren’t convertible. It was frustrating, and we felt as though we were running out of options. Last week, however, we finally found one we liked and Friday on his lunch break, Bagpiper went out and purchased it (we waited, because it went on sale Friday. We saved about $100!). Last night, he did his first act as a daddy — he assembled the crib.

I cannot tell you how relieved we both felt to see the crib assembled in the nursery. The nursery still has a lot of work to be done before it’s ready for baby, but dammit, our baby has a crib! We ordered the bedding we wanted online, so in a couple of weeks it’ll be here, and the nursery will have more of an “awww!” appeal. For now, though, I’ve draped my old baby blanket over the side of the crib.

This morning, I awoke to Bagpiper assembling the changing table (he purchased a changing table on Friday with the crib). It was amazing to see his eyes light up doing this — his daddy duties, lol.

Clearly such an awesome husband deserves and awesome thank you.

So, I took to my newest obsession, Pinterest (seriously, I love that site — any of you on it? Want to be? I’ll send you an invite..) and searched through some of the recipes I’ve saved over the past few days.

I told him about a mini funnel cake recipe I’d found and asked if he’d like me to make them. Of course, he said yes, but I was missing a few ingredients, so we decided to go to the commissary for ingredients and groceries. While on base, I practiced driving on the left side of the road — a little weird at first, but easier than I thought it would be. After grocery shopping we stopped at a 100Yen shop, where I spent about 1900Yen — which is probably about $21-$23. But I got tons of neat stuff, so it’s all good, lol.

After coming home and putting away the groceries, Bagpiper went out to do some yard work. So I decided on making a steak-and-potatoes dinner, which is one of his favorites. I admit, this amazing and delicious dill mashed potato recipe influenced my decision on the meal. Needless to say, dinner came out phenomenal. We were both pleasantly stuffed.

Then it was time for the mini funnel cakes!

This recipe is super easy and hella delicious. Definitely a favorite and definitely something I will be doing again in the near future. The Texas State Fair is coming up, and while I won’t get to go this year and gorge out on funnel cakes and fried Snickers, I can make my own funnel cakes at home and it tastes like the real thing — only mini-sized!

So that was my Saturday, and it was a really good one, too. Tomorrow morning I’m going to try my hand at another recipe I got via Pinterest. Bagpiper is very, very excited about this one — cinnamon roll pancakes. I’ll probably do some baking with other recipes I’ve found too…

I know the holiday weekend is just starting for most of you back in the states, so what are your plans for the weekend?