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Adventures in Mommyhood: Poopy Panda

Today was one of those days where I really got a glimpse of what being a mother is all about.

Cupcake and I had a pretty relaxing, yet productive morning. She slept most of the morning, so I took the time to get all the laundry washed and folded. By lunch time she was awake, so we had our lunches (and Bagpiper came home for lunch too, which is always nice). As she was being burped, she spit up on her clothes, so I took her to the changing table and put her in a onsie. RIGHT as I get the onsie over her head, she spits up again. On the onsie.

So I get a new onsie and put her in that. Then she took an hour nap. Afterward, I held her while I sat at my computer and watched “Ghost Whisperer” on Netflix (I’m so addicted to this show).

She’s being calm, just enjoying being in Mommy’s arms, when suddenly, I smell poo. OK. So she pooped. No big deal. I get up and take her to the changing table. It’s when I set her down on the changing pad that I realize that the poop not only leaked out of her diaper and soaked her onsie, but it’s all over my shirt.

If this doesn't wash off, I'm buying a new one. >.<

Let’s repeat: There is POOP all over my v-neck PANDA shirt.


Thankfully, it did not go down the v-neck part and onto my boobs, but still. Gross. So I carefully take off my shirt and toss it to the ground. Then I carefully take off her onsie and toss it to the ground.

So here I am, in my bra, changing the baby while our poo-stained clothes are on the floor.

Bath time (for her, not for me. I don’t have time at this point, and I decide I’ll just take a shower when hubby gets home). I throw on another shirt. It just happens to be a v-neck as well.

After that, the rest of the afternoon went pretty smoothly.

And then Bagpiper comes home and decides that today of all days he wants to try to motorboat me cause I’m in a v-neck shirt (is this tmi?). I fall to the floor laughing and then tell him the poo story…

So yea. That’s was my day.


Exploring Okinawa: Home Sweet Home, Cafe M and high-tech toilets.

Yesterday, the Bagpiper and I did a little exploring off base.

First we took care of “important stuff”, like getting internet set up for the new house (bonus, we get a US IP address, which  means I will have access to Netflix instant streaming!), and setting up how we’ll pay all the bills. We stopped at a convenience store (Family Mart — these places are everywhere) and I bought some of the most succulent strawberries evah. Too bad the cup only came with about four, these where some seriously good strawberries.

Then Bagpiper took me to see the house, which is more amazing and beautiful in person than in the pictures. I kind of went picture happy inside the house, snapping pictures of every nook and cranny in each room. Rather than bombard this post with tons of pictures, I used Picnik to make a pretty little collage…

Still can't believe this is our new home!

There is a bad thing about the house, the oven is SUPER SUPER tiny. Like, I’m not even sure what one would possibly cook in there, cause anything I’ve ever put in an oven requires much more space than the Japanese oven in the house. It’s definitely going to take some creative experimenting to bake goodies in that kitchen. But one really exciting/nerdy awesome thing about the house? It has a cupboard under the stairs. Like in Harry Potter. Bwahaha! So after seeing the house and imagining what it would look like with furniture (and also wondering how I would set up the nursery), Bagpiper and I walked around the corner and found a hold-in-the-wall place to eat called Cafe M.

Cafe M was really quaint. There were shelves and shelves of all sorts of manga and the tables were actually video games. The menu was in Japanese, so neither of us could read it, but the cook spoke English and he broke down the lunch menu for us. We opted for “Lunch A” which was some type of pork with veggies and wrapped in fried deliciousness. Lunch also came with a bowl of steamed rice, a bowl of soup, two types of noodles, an egg roll, a piece of sweet chicken and a cabbage salad.

The entire meal was delicious beyond deliciousness. Hole-in-the-wall places are almost always good, and I’m so glad we found this place and that it’s literally right around the corner from our house. It’s definitely going to be a favorite spot. We also got some very refreshing iced tea. I have no idea what type of tea it was, but it was really good. They gave us a small (very small) pot with a sweetner (it looked like sugar water, but more syrupy), and at first we didn’t know what it was for, but watching the other people around us we were able to figure out that it was to sweeten the tea. ^_^v

I had taken a picture of lunch, but I took it with my phone, and it doesn’t have a data plan so I can’t email it to myself. -_- Never fear, I’m sure I’ll have food pictures soon enough!

After lunch we used the restroom in the cafe. Who knew that this would become a mini adventure in itself! Even though the toilet was a little weird, I was able to figure it out no problem. Bagpiper on the other hand…

…well, afterward, I asked him what took him so long and he explained that he had no idea what the buttons on the side of the toilet were for. Basically, he discovered the bidet settings. He said he felt violated….but then he admitted to doing it twice! LOL I mean, I thought the pictures on the controls were pretty self-explanatory: least we didn't have to squat!

Anyway, that was our day. Monday we will move into the house and Tuesday we will get some borrowed furniture to use until our stuff arrives. The only bad thing I can see in the near future is that it’s going to take a week to get internet set up. Boo.

I really hate frogging.

There’s a reason my last post was more than a week ago.

I’ve been in a knitting funk.

Two weeks ago I began a slouchy hat for one of my favorite authors. Halfway through, I realized that I forgot the increase round. You know, that round that’s going to make the slouchy hat slouchy? Yea. Totally did not see that line in the pattern. Of course, I noticed this 17 rows after I was supposed to knit that round.

Because it was late, I decided I would tink back the next day and just reknit. Only, the next day came and I was still upset at having to frog half the project, so I left it alone for another day. Then another. Then another.

Die devil frog.

Suddenly, it’s a week later, and I still have not touched that damn hat. I really hate frogging. I’m already a slow knitter to begin with, so even though it’s just 17 rows (which really, is not a lot and I did this in an evening while watching a movie on Netflix), all I can seem to focus on is that it’s two hours of wasted knitted.

I can’t possibly be the only knitter who gets put into a funk when faced with frogging.

The good news is that I’m on Spring Break, so I have lots of free time to reknit the hat. I’ve also started rewatching Doctor Who on Netflix, and knitting + Netflix = awesome times.

How do you deal with frogging? Do you get put in a funk like I do and stop knitting for a day or two (or week) or do you just shrug it off and knit on?

Frustrations in Knitting or, F@#$ing Frogging!!

Last week, I was armed with bulky purple yarn, large needles (US11 and US 15) and a pattern scrawled out on a post-it note.

Last week, I yelled at a youtube tutorial, dropped out of a KAL, reentered said KAL, completed a project and cast on for another…which I then frogged, only to start over again.

On Tumblr, there is a KAL group that has two different KALs going on each month. This month was the Shroom Hat and the Darkside Cowl. Living in Texas, I really have no use for a cowl, and I confess, I don’t see the point of them — then again, this could be a direct result of living in Texas.

So, naturally, having no use and seeing no purpose for the Darkside Cowl, I decided to join the Shroom KAL.

The Shroom, as many are aware, made it’s debut in the 2009 Winter Knitty. It’s a pattern that has been in my Ravelry queue for a while now, probably since its Knitty debut. The Tumblr KAL offered me the perfect kick in the pants to finally knit one. It also offered me a chance to meet two of my knitting resolutions: To stash bust and to knit something weekly.

Needless to say, I was excited for my first KAL of the year.

The beginning of the Shroom pattern, which only calls for 1×1 ribbing, was easy enough. In a mere 30-45 minutes, I had my four inches of ribbing and was ready to start the puff rib pattern.

Here is where things got tricky and my brain shut down.

For the life of me, I could not figure out how to yarn over between knit and purl stitches. A few sts in, and I decided it was time to find help. I found some on Twitter and then moved to youtube for a tutorial. The tutorial made perfect sense, but when I put it into action, I realized this person was daft and their yarn overs where a total mess.

I realized this when I was on my third pass of the puff rib pattern.

I threw the project across my desk. Rewatched video. Looked at finished Shrooms. Looked at mine. Realized mine looked like yarn threw up. Frogged all the way back to the ribbing. Too far. Knit up another inch and a half of the 1×1 ribbing and started the puff rib again.

Messed up. Again. Yelled at youtube for steering me in the wrong direction. Decided I was done with this project and dropped out of the KAL.

The next day, I was calmer and not quite so petulant and easily irritated. With new found determination, I decided that this pattern — a pattern that everyone was touting for it’s simplicity and quickness to knit up — would not get the best of me. I found a different youtube tutorial, one that made SO MUCH MORE SENSE than the original.

Two FarScape episodes later, I had a completed Shroom hat.

But I wasn’t sure if I liked it.

Then I tried it on.


I wore it all day Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, I cast on for another one. This time in green.

Got cocky in my ability, and when I came to the decreases, realized I had royally messed up.

Cursed and frogged — all the way back to the 1×1 ribbing.

Today, I’ll finish that green Shroom hat. Even if it kills me.

I had plans to do a third in dark blue…but I think it’s time I moved on from this. I don’t think I could handle having to tink back and frog a third hat.

What KALs are you participating in? Hopefully, you’re not having near as tough a time as I am…

Bonus points if you can tell me the purpose of a cowl and why one may need one in Texas. 😛

The trouble with Tribbles…

Brr! It’s been a chilly week in Texas; look, we even got snow:


OK, so many of you probably don’t think that light dusting is even considered snow, but trust me…people in Texas are freaking out over it. Imagine last year when we had nearly a foot of snow on Christmas Eve! Crazy times.

So with the cold weather and the “snow”, I’ve been spending as much time as possible indoors where it’s nice and warm. The majority of my time (when I’m not in class) is spent in my crafty room, knitting and watching whatever is in my Netflix instant queue (btw, God bless the soul who invented Netflix — they are a genius). Add a mug of hot chocolate in a “knitted” mug, and you’ve got one super amazing afternoon.

Finished a Tribble as well as "Torchwood: Children of Earth".

This past week I finished up some WiPs I had on needles from 2010, among them a dishcloth I started sometime in August (?!) and never finished. Terrible. After the dishcloth (pattern: Waffle Dishcloth), I finished a Boucle Shawl (actually began this 2009!) and then began casting on for Tribbles.

I always love knitting things for my kitchen (kitchen towels and dishcloths), but I’ve never knitted a Tribble. The pattern’s been in my Ravelry queue for ages, and I finally cast on for my first on on Saturday. I knit one Saturday, half of one Sunday (finished it earlier today) and I’m halfway through a third. You couldn’t ask for an easier, quicker knitting project than a Tribble.

There are definitely a plethora of Tribbles in my future. The only trouble with Tribbles seems to be how addicting they are to knit.

Tribble the First

After this third one, however, I’m going to cast on for the Shroom hat. It’s part of a Tumblr KAL for January. Most people, I think, seem to be done with theirs. I hadn’t started because I didn’t have the right size needles. Bought what I needed today (with birthday money I received yesterday) and I’ll be casting on later tonight.

I may not like the cold, but it’s definitely good for my knitting!

What are your first projects for 2011?