Alice McElwee has a B.A. in  public relations from the University of Texas at Arlington, though she will always be a Jayhawk at heart (Rockchalk!). She likes to stay in the know with various forms of social media, but Twitter is definitely her favorite medium.

Though Alice used to write a lot in middle school and high school, it wasn’t until winning her first NaNoWriMo in 2009 that she began taking her writing seriously. Though she experiments with several genres of fiction, she enjoys writing romance and speculative fiction most.

When not writing, Alice can be found reading or being crafty. An avid knitter for more than five years, Alice taught herself the craft as a way to deal with her trichotillomania*. She will read anything recommended to her, but fantasy and romance are her favorite genres. She is also one of four reviewers at Book Addicts.

Alice lives in Okinawa, Japan with her Marine husband, frequently referred to as “The Bagpiper”, the baby growing in her belly and her Maltese dog, Sushi. She blogs about life as a Marine wife at: Married to a Marine.



*trichotillomania: Also known as TTM or trich; a condition that causes one to obsessively pull out their own hair. For more information on Alice’s struggle with TTM, please visit her TTM blog: Trichy Words. [currently under construction]