September Goals

I’m still slacking a bit in the writing department.

Though I’m writing, I’m not writing as much as I’d like to be. I’m trying not to be too upset with my lack of progress since I’m pregnant and sleepy all the time and my free time is also time spent figuring out how to build/decorate the nursery.

I thought I’d found a solution with WriteChat. Wonderful though that site/chat is, it tends to kick me out of the chat room frequently, and that got very distracting.

So this month, I’m changing things up a little.

I’m going to keep track of my daily word count. I’m going to move my writing time to the late afternoons — when Twitter is quiet, because people in the US are sleeping. I’m also going to limit myself on projects. I have several WIPs, and I need to focus on one at a time, otherwise, none will ever get done.

But I’ve also got some knitting and mommy goals too….

September Goals


  • Finish current novella. It’s about 30% done.
  • Write at least 500 words a day. Seems small, but 500 words is better than no words.
  • Track daily word count in Excel.
  • No playing Sims 3 until word count is met and counted for the day. (Yay for reward system)


  • Finish baby hat/booties set.
  • Finish baby blanket #1
  • Cast on for baby blanket #2 (if yarn order ever arrives) and knit at least 50% (or finish, if possible)

Mommy Stuff:

  • Figure out where Bagpiper and I are purchasing furniture from.
  • Order/Ship/Assemble crib, changer/dresser and rocking chair.
  • Order nursery bedding.
  • Feel like I’m somewhat prepared for motherhood by having a crib already.

What are your goals for September?

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