As I stand on the cusp of motherhood, awaiting the arrival of baby girl, I think of all the special moments and memories my husband and I will enjoy with her.

Her arrival.

Her first day home.

Her first steps.

And so much more.

These moments, so ordinary and yet so extraordinary, deserve capturing. They deserve to be preserved in picture frames and photo albums. And not just the moments I will share with my family, but the moments you will share with yours. This is why I’ve decided to create Wonderland Memories. I want to capture all those moments that make life magical.

Let me preface by saying I am not the only photographer on Okinawa. I am not the photographer who has been on the island the longest, nor am I likely the most experienced. I do, however, have a creative eye and a passion for photography. I am not starting this business to get rich or to weasel people out of hard-earned money. I’m starting it because I enjoy taking pictures and I believe that when someone hires a photographer, it should be affordable.

So if you live in Okinawa and you are graduating high school, getting engaged or expanding your family, let Wonderland Memories capture the magic of your special moments.

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