More crib hassles…

Today was a very, very long day.

I finally got up early enough to go to the newcomer’s briefing…something I should have done when I first arrived on island, but put off until today — about three months after my arrival. Despite doing it later than I should have, I’m kind of glad I waited. They threw a lot of information out, and I couldn’t imagine being bombarded with all of that info after being on island for less than a week.

This went on from about 7am until 2:30pm, so I didn’t get my mid-morning nap I’m used to having around 10am. After the briefing, Bagpiper and I checked the mail.

Explain to me how he received his stupid new computer before I’ve received my yarn? My yarn was shipped almost a month ago. His computer was shipped about two weeks ago. >.>

After the post office, we decided to stop at the Camp Foster furniture store, just to see if they had any different cribs in stock. SUCCESS! (kinda) They had one that we really liked — a convertible one, too — but they didn’t have a matching dresser/changing table. We asked, and there isn’t one for that brand. But, the crib goes on sale tomorrow, so what we’re going to do is stop by Kadena BX and double check what they have. If they have nothing, we’ll go get the crib at the furniture store.

To be honest, I think we’ll just get the crib at the furniture store and then get a dresser/changing table that gets as close to the wood finish as possible and just be done with the crib buying process. The furniture store did tell us they could order stuff for us from online, but that it could take up to SIX MONTHS to arrive on island.

Yea. No.

I’m tired of waiting, no way am I going to wait MARCH for a damn crib.

Once we got home, we searched online for other deals and then realized that the crib I have saved on Amazon is about the same price as what we saw on the Exchange website. Unfortunately, Amazon will ship just about anything to FPO/APO except furniture.

Fucking. Hell.

So. Yea. Tomorrow. FOR SURE OR ELSE — crib from Kadena BX or crib from Foster furniture store.

Then, next paycheck we’ll buy the stroller/car seat combo from Amazon that I want. And that better ship out here, because I have my heart set on it.

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