So, my blog kind of died a little last week.

Bagpiper came down with a 24hr bug, and I ended up catching it. Only, being pregnant, that 24hr bug turned into a week bug. Yep. I was sick all last week. Headache, slight fever, runny nose/stuffy nose…and no medicine.

All I really did last week was sleep and drink juice. Well, before getting sick I went to an all day craft-a-thon with some of the military wives on base. I can definitely say that all day crafting while pregnant is not a good idea. I came home super tired, and it was that night that I got sick. Skipping out on my nap wore me out. I can do a few hours, but definitely not all day.

Anyway, it’s mostly all gone now, just a little bit of a stuffy nose.

That’s basically it. Nothing really new other than I’m getting bigger by the minute and the baby is kicking around a lot more these days. She hears sounds, too. Last night Bagpiper was practicing trombone, the dog we were watching was singing along and the baby burst into dance in my belly. It was kind of fun, if distracting me from my knitting.

What am I knitting? A bunch of baby stuff, of course!

Today I’m hoping to finish baby hat #1:

After the hat, I’m casting on for some baby booties and working on blanket #1. I’m still waiting on a big yarn order I made a couple weeks ago — silly me, I shipped it to my mom’s house in Texas instead of to me in Japan. So it went there first, and she’s sending it to me. I’m really, really hoping it arrives this week. It’s been almost three weeks now.

Really hoping it’s not lost in the mail. That’s more than $100 of yarn floating in the mail system, and I wants it!

Enough about me…how the heck have y’all been?


One response

  1. Raelyn Barclay

    Being sick while pregnant is awful (while in labor however is worse) {{hugs}} Glad to hear you're feeling better. Don' you just love working with baby yarn? I love it 🙂

    August 29, 2011 at 4:21 pm

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