White Gravy & A Registry Update

Last night, Bagpiper and I went to Chili’s for dinner.

We’re low on groceries and we decided to forgo the frozen pizza in favor of dining out. We also told ourselves it was a celebratory dinner since Bagpiper is done with the rifle range and made expert rifleman! ‚̧

So while we’re browsing the menu (and munching on the chips and queso appetizer I love so much), I’m fully expecting myself to order either the fajita dinner or the steak dinner. What do I order? Country fried chicken strips with white gravy.

Those of you that know me, know that I detest/hate/abhorr white gravy. I’ve only ever liked brown gravy. White gravy is the devil — and I know, most of you think I’m weird. How did I survive living in the south without eating white gravy on everything? Blech. Gross.

But last night…damn. That white gravy was The Shit. As my baby brother would probably say, “It was like sex in my mouth.” (don’t ask, he says weird things)

I was dunking everything on my plate in that stupid, but OMG SO TASTY gravy. My chicken strips, my french fries…I’m pretty sure I even slathered it on my corn on the cob at one point.

So yea. Clearly, baby must get that taste from the white side of the family — AKA Bagpiper. I really felt like I lost some of my Puerto Rican points last night cause I was enjoying it that much.

My crazy cravings aside, Bagpiper and I have moved our baby registry from Babies R Us to Amazon. Not only are most items cheaper through Amazon, more items on Amazon are shippable to APO/FPO addresses — and it tells you BEFORE HAND (in the seller’s notes) whether or not an item ships to APO/FPO. I can tell you this now, all of the items we’ve registered for will ship overseas to us (except one or two, but they are pricier items we’ll get for ourselves).

McElwee Baby Registry

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some left over chicken strips and white gravy to devour.

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