Social Media Monday: Twitter Ranting


We all do it. Some of us more than others, but at one point or another, we’re all guilty of ranting.

Rants vary from their type to their length. Anything from a simple, “Argh! There’s a hole in new sweater! I just bought it yesterday! Grr!” to the lengthier, “I’m so angry at the crap going on in Washington. This is getting insane. Seriously. Washing just needs to bla bla bla bla bla bla bla etc etc etc.”

And while there is nothing wrong with ranting (hey, we all need to vent our frustrations, and what better forum could we ask for than the internet?), we should choose the platform on which we want to rant a bit carefully.

Recently, I’ve seen a number of rants come across my Twitter stream. Twitter, which some of you may not know (though most of you probably do), limits each post to 140 characters. It’s all about brevity on Twitter. Short, sweet and to the point. And yet, my Twitter stream has seen rants spanning upwards of 20 tweets long.

That’s 20 tweets in a row of angry ranting.

People, our rants are unique. There are right places and wrong places for different types of rants. Guess what? Filling up people’s Twitter stream with your length rant on X subject? Wrong place.

I know, I know. It’s kind of hard to think about the right place to rant when you’re angry and you just want to get it out there so that the world can agree with you. But seriously, just think a moment.

If I go on Twitter and rant for 20-25 tweets about how angry I am with, say, a knitting project — chances are you are going to get really annoyed really fast with me. And if half an hour later (or even an hour or two later) I come back to do some more ranting on the same subject? You’re likely to unfollow me for being a douchebag.

Here’s my rule of thumb for ranting on Twitter:

If you can’t fit your anger into 2-3 tweets (and really, three is pushing it a is Twitter, after all), take it to a blog post. If your rant is going to spawn 20 tweets and clutter up your follower’s stream, take it to a blog post.

Blog as long as you want. Rant to your heart’s desire. Then, take the URL of that post, and tweet it. “Angry with knitting. [insert URL]”

Voila. Only the people who want to see the rant (probably my knitting friends) will click. Even if no one clicks, I’ll feel better for getting to vent. I won’t have lost any followers due to annoying tweets that just won’t end and I won’t be found guilty of being a Twitter douchebag.

So. To recap: If your rant is going to spawn a dozen tweets, TAKE IT TO A BLOG POST.

What are your thoughts on ranting on Twitter?

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