Social Media Monday: The magic of WriteChat!

Ever since moving from Texas to Japan, my writing has suffered a lot.

Packing, finals, graduation, discovering pregnancy, morning sickness, flying across the world and settling in to life overseas took a lot of time and effort. Something had to give, and unfortunately, that something was my writing.

But most of that stuff is over and done with (I mean, I’m still pregnant, but there’s no more morning sickness) and I’m pretty settled in Japan, I think (I still don’t drive, but that’s another story).

Now that things in my life are going back to “normal”, I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to rebuilding my writing habits. But with the lack of Team Awesome and the lack of #writersdatenight every week, it’s been a huge struggle. My girls really kept me on track with writing, and though they give me all the support I could want online, it’s just not the same. Plus, that 14 hour time difference is a bitch.

Then Cid mentioned

What a freaking gold mine.

It’s basically just a chat room of writers of varying types and skill levels. Some are newish, some are seasoned and published and others are in the middle. The room typically has a moderator who issues challenges. Challenges run from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and at the end people share their word count and maybe a snippet of their writing.

Because this chat is pulling writer’s from all over, there are people in my time zone! OK, so I only know of one person, who is in Australia, but every time I’ve gone in the room there have been quite a few people. Some writers are early morning writers, which is typically my evening, so I’ll find people in there. Others are night owls, and lately I’ve been waking up early (some bizarre, cruel pregnancy symptom), so lately I’ve been writing in the morning.

The best part is that some of Team Awesome uses WriteChat, so I get to feel like I’m writing with them, even though we’re half a world apart.

If you’re needing a sense of community and a boost to your motivation, I definitely suggest you give a try. Lots of very friendly people, and in the past few days I’ve written almost 5K — a huge difference from the 500 I did last week on my own.

What writing resources do you use that help you stay on track with your writing?

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