Babymoon Vacation!

The Bagpiper is on leave this week, so we’re taking a mini babymoon (like a honeymoon, but before a baby arrives) vacation. We’re staying at a beach front hotel in Nago, a city about two hours north of our home in Okinawa City.

This is the view from our hotel window. Isn’t it pretty? Nago seems to have a lot of really gorgeous beach views. Today we mostly drove around and took in the sights. We got lost several times, but the views around us where so spectacular that we didn’t really care.

We stopped at a beach at one point, walking in the sand and wading in the water. We didn’t have our swimwear on, since today was just about exploring our surroundings, but we still enjoyed the chance to get our feet wet.

After our mini jaunt to the beach, we found a small shopping area where we browsed through souvenirs. Most of which seemed to be cell phone charms. The Japanese seem to really love cell phone charms! I found a super cute pineapple plushie that I couldn’t not get, so I made the Bagpiper buy it for me.

Seriously. You have never seen a cuter pineapple…

See how cute it is? I love my happy pineapple more than is probably normal. I feel Japan makes these plushies for people like me. Everyone needs a happy pineapple. LOL

The real fun today, however, came when we got hungry.

We found a restaurant near our hotel and it was one of those places where you take of your shoes and sit on the floor. Our hostess did give us the choice between floor seating and regular sit-at-a-table seating, but we chose the floor cause you know, we’re in Japan and all. In retrospect, we should have sat at the table because getting up with my pregnant self afterward wasn’t very easy. 😛

Anyway, no one spoke any English at all, not even a little bit. Bagpiper and I only know a few basic phrases, but we definitely do not know how to read a menu written entirely in kanji…

So…we pointed to pictures and hoped that what we ordered was good. We ended up getting a big plate of garlic fried rice (very, very good), a small plate of potato wedges and a small plate with pork skewers smothered in some sort of sesame teriyaki sauce.

It was good, but it was not as filling as we had hoped it would be, so afterward, we stopped at a McDonald’s and shared a second meal.

Tomorrow I imagine we will do more sight seeing and possibly visit the aquarium. We’ve already been to the aquarium with our landlords, but our hotel gave us two tickets to go for free, so we’ll probably stop by at some point and see the stuff we didn’t get to see with our landlords. We also plan on spending some time at the beach (this time with swimwear), and you can bet that I’ll be taking more pictures.

We’re only here for a couple of days, but it’s nice to finally spend some time with my hubby. And of course, Friday we find out what we’re having, so stay tuned for that!

Oh, and for those of you wanting to see a belly bump pic, there’s a picture floating around on Twitter and on my FB fan page. 😛

One response

  1. Felicia

    Happy Babymooning! That looks like a beautiful view—I am a wee bit jealous 🙂

    July 26, 2011 at 8:33 am

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