Earthquakes and Drums!

Today was both eventful and uneventful.

Sometime around 4am, I awoke to the entire house shaking. Half-asleep I couldn’t figure out if it was an actual earthquake going on or if I was just having some weird pregnant hallucinations. Turns out, there was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in the Ryukyu island chain, of which Okinawa is a part of.

So. First earthquake.

Then, just before lunch, Shauna picked me up and we took her dog to the groomers and then wandered around American Village for awhile. We ate lunch at Freshness Burger (after going on a hunt to exchange dollars for yen, since I forgot my ID and we couldn’t get yen off base…bad Alice).

The exchange rate, btw, SUCKS. When I first arrived it was $1=82 yen. Now it’s $1=77 yen! But the exchange machine Shauna found was $1=71 yen. So yea. Yikes.

Anyway, we had lunch and then wandered into an arcade where we discovered and played this Japanese drum game. A friend from back home later informed me that the name of this game was Taiko Drum Master. 😛

It was fun, though it took a lot of energy. But that could just be that everything takes more energy for me nowadays.

I also saw a game that looked like you could win little bouncy balls, but the balls looked like the kind from Dragon Ball Z…

And what Japanese arcade would be complete without a huge Hello Kitty game?

The back of Hello Kitty opens up and has some sort of sit down/driving looking game. 😛

We were pretty much done wandering around at this point, so we picked up her dog and then Shauna grabbed her sewing stuff and came over (she’s still here in fact) and has been having an epic battle royal with a passport holder she’s making. I was going to knit, but after almost two hours of searching through Ravelry, nothing called out to me, so I gave up and just played on the computer instead.

Bagpipe looks like he is getting on Skype now, so I’m going to talk to him…he’s currently in Guam, but he’ll be home tomorrow and then it’s a week of leave!

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