Social Media Monday: On Google+? Build a damn profile.

First, before anything…can I just say that I bawled like a baby during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? Seriously. Every 10 minutes I was crying. Something would happen and tears. Just as I was getting those tears under control, something else to evoke more tears happened.

I’m sure my pregnancy hormones did not help, either.


Google+ has been out for a few weeks now. I’ve been on it for about two weeks, and in that time I’ve noticed a lot of great things about it. I’ve also noticed some things that I hope will be addressed as the developers move it out of the beta stages.

The big draw, for me, to Google+ are the privacy settings. Google’s privacy settings stomp all over the paltry “privacy” settings Facebook offers. I really do wish Facebook would be less money hungry and more user-oriented. All those 3rd party apps/games are turning people off, but people stay because the alternative social media is MySpace. Granted, there is also Twitter, which I love, but if my family isn’t on it, I can’t keep up with them while I’m in Japan and they are in the US. Plus, the time difference often puts me on Twitter when the US is fast asleep…

But now we have G+ and it offers a lot of privacy. It offers circles, and it allows me to post/share things with all of my circles or just some of my circles. This is another big draw. Facebook allows for lists, but those lists are often so hidden in your settings that it’s easy to forget that it’s even a feature. G+, however, makes it easy. People like easy.

So I have a friends circle for people I know in real life, a writing circle, a book people circle and a knitting circle. I love this, because I know a lot of my writing friends don’t care about my knitting adventures. Likewise, my book people don’t need to know the things I tell my personal friends.

Here’s the downside to circles — if one person in my writing group shares something like a link full of good writing info, others share it. When others share, my writing stream produces a dozen posts of the same exact thing, and I’m forced to scroll and scroll until I find something different. Whereas on Facebook, if two people share the same thing, it shows up as one post that reads “So and so and what’s-her-face shared a link.” It’d be nice if G+ does something similar in the future.

The other thing that bothers me about G+ is that when someone adds me to a circle, they don’t really have a way of sending me a private message to say, “Oh, btw I’m @AwesomePerson on Twitter.” Cause let’s face it, not all of my Twitter friends use their real names, especially my knitting buddies. I don’t know real names, people. I know Twitter and Ravelry names. So if someone adds me and they don’t have a profile built up, I have no way of knowing who they are, if I know them or if I want to add them to one of my circles (and if I do…which one do I add them to?).

So, if you are on G+ or thinking of getting on G+…do us all a favor and build a damn profile. List your interests. List your Twitter name or other online nicknames. Share a private post and tag someone (either with a + or @ in front of their name) and say: “ know me from ____.”

I can’t stand it when someone adds me and their profile is blank. Not even a picture for me to compare to a Twitter avatar. Don’t tell me that building a profile is boring or time-consuming. Chances are you’ve built a profile on every other social network you are on, so just copy/paste all that info into another profile. It’s really not that hard.

Also, be cautious/courteous of what you share with your circles. I love you all, but if you are a NASCAR nut, there’s no reason for you to share that information with me. Make a NASCAR circle and share that shit with them.

Google+ is not Facebook. There’s no reason to share everything with everybody. The beauty and magic of Google+ are those circles. I kind of wish Google+ would give one the option to share their circles. Right now, no one can see the circles I’ve built. It’d be nice to have the option to allow others to see my circles. Not see who is in them, mind you, but just to see what circles I’ve created. This way, if one of my knitting buddies wants to be in my book circle, I can put them in both and they can see the stuff I share in both circles.

Then again, if you put your hobbies/interests in your profile, I might have a better idea of knowing whether or not I should put you in multiple circles…


Are you on G+? What are your thoughts on it?

(PS: Feel free to find me on G+)

4 responses

  1. Brilliant post!

    I’ve just started getting the hang of Google+ and I completely agree with everything you’ve pointed out.

    A x

    July 18, 2011 at 9:27 am

  2. So far G+ seems cool. The format is still confusing to me, so I’m still stumbling around trying to figure things out. If it catches on, it’ll be terribly neat.

    The idea of more privacy always appeals to me. 😀

    July 18, 2011 at 10:07 am

    • It’ll take some time to grow into something big, but it’s definitely got the potential. Just remember, Google+ is not Facebook. I think people make the mistake in thinking that Google+ is Facebook’s replacement. While someday that might be true, while it’s still in beta testing, it’s just a way to break up your social networks so they are easier to manage.

      But more privacy is always a good thing. I think if Facebook would listen to their users instead of focusing on getting more money from 3rd party apps/games, more people would be happier staying there and stop looking for a replacement.

      July 18, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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