Friday Fiber Reads

I wanted to dedicate my Friday posts to crafting, like knitting or sewing. Failing that, I wanted to do something foodie related since I also like cooking and baking.

However, this past week I haven’t done much crafting, so I’m doing a Friday Reads post instead.

It counts, cause 1) it’s my blog and I can blog about whatever and 2) it’s kind of fiber related.

I just finished (in two days) “The Hunger Games” trilogy. I enjoyed it very much, however, it was a big emotional roller coaster. Lots of heartache in those books. Therefore, I decided that I need some whimsy.

Sugar Maple looks like any bucolic Vermont town, but when the tourists go home it’s a different story–inhabited as it is with warlocks, sprites, vampires, witches, and an ancient secret. And I know all about secrets. I’m Chloe Hobbs, owner of Sticks & String, a popular knit shop where your yarn never tangles, you always get gauge . . . and the knitter sitting next to you comes out only after dark.

I’m also the sorcerer’s daughter–a single sorcerer’s daughter with Sugar Maple’s future in her hands which means the whole town is casting spells meant to help me find Mr. Right. Who’d have guessed I’d find him in Luke MacKenzie, a cop investigating Sugar Maple’s very first murder? Bad news is he’s 100% human which could spell disaster for a normal future with a paranormal woman like me–in love, in danger, and in way over my head.

This looks like it promises to be super cute and fun to read. Not to mention it doesn’t seem like it’s going to have me in tears every 20 pages.

So, what are you currently reading?

2 responses

  1. Cid

    That’s the book I told you about! 😀

    July 10, 2011 at 10:20 am

    • Yes, yes it is! It was a really cute read, too.

      July 10, 2011 at 10:57 pm

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