Week In Review – The Spring Break Edition

This past week was Spring Break. Because of this, I decided to set some goals for myself. However, the week became a amalgam of  trying to get things done for the Big Move. It was also a week large on frustrations as my husband and I did a lot of running around, but didn’t seem to accomplish quite as much as we wanted.

Despite not having the Spring Break I thought I’d have, I did manage to meet some of my goals.

  • I wrote everyday – I’m super proud of myself for this one. I managed to write every single day. Sometimes I wrote for two hours, other days I only managed half an hour. The important thing is that I wrote though. I wrote for a total of 6.5 hours, which yielded about 6k words written (4K on “Zoraida”, 2K in “Party Favors” and 1K on a blog series I’m planning). I also got some world building and research ironed out.
  • I revised the first chapter of “Party Favors” – I revisited “Party Favors”, a contemporary romance novella that I wrote pre-NaNo 2010. I think the first chapter still needs a little tinkering, but it’s much better than the original first chapter. Revision is new and uncharted territory for me. I’m excited that I’m finally getting over my fear of revisions and starting to polish up my WIPs.
  • I read almost all the books I wanted to read – My goal was to read six books this week. This is nothing for me, and I almost debated trying to read more books, because I can average about a book and a half in a day if I really want. Still, I knew I’d have other things to get done, so I scaled back to six. Out of six, I managed to read four. I’m OK with this because there were two days where I didn’t get to read at all, and if I had been able to, that would have been books five and six. If all goes well today, I might be able to start book five, “Doubleblind” by Ann Aguirre — then again, I may just put it at the top of my list for things to read next week.

The goals I didn’t meet?

Well, I’m trying not to beat myself up over them too bad. Like I said, this week was crazy-busy with all the running around I did. There’s really only one goal I didn’t meet that I’m kind of upset over…

  • Finish at least 50% of “Zoraida” – I’m not too bummed about this. I have almost 8K words total in this novella. I’m aiming for around 30,000, so I’m almost to the halfway point. I did iron out some world building stuff, and I’m pretty happy about that.
  • Review at least 3 books – This is the one I’m kind of upset over not meeting. I don’t like letting my reviews pile up, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks. I’m trying not to be too upset, however, since my writing time was limited and I devoted most of it to writing fiction.

Technically, I don’t qualify for any of the rewards I promised myself should I meet all or half of my goals.  But because the BIG goal was to write everyday and I did, I’m treating myself to a Moleskin notebook to carry around in the new laptop bag that my friend Cid was nice enough to pick up for me:

..oh yea, I got a new camera this week. It’s a Nikon D3000, and it’s freaking AWESOME.

How did you do with your reading and writing goals this past week?

One response

  1. Cid

    I’ve surpassed what I thought I would do – which is good because I have all of TEN FREAKING DAYS to finish this novel. OMG, what was I thinking?!?!?!

    March 20, 2011 at 1:10 pm

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