Spring Break? What break?

I’ve been on Spring Break, but it hasn’t really felt like it.

The Bagpiper and I have spent the majority of this week trying to get Important Stuff done for the move. Unfortunately, it’s the military, so nothing can be simple and headache-free.

We both need physicals, dental exams, hearing tests, eye exams, immunizations, blood work and who knows what else. Because the Bagpiper leaves before I do, my stuff has to be taken care of before his stuff, but my stuff can’t be done on the base. At least not all of it.

Of course, nearly all of the civilian places we have gone to can’t do everything I need. We’ve spent the week driving around DFW finding places to who can do things we need, but most places are so focused on getting a new customer/money that they tell us yes on the phone, but when we show up and hand them the military paperwork, then it’s, “Oh, no. We don’t do that at this location. We can only do that.”


So far, I’ve managed to get my dental exam, blood work and hearing test done. That was at two different places. Tomorrow I’m going to a third place to get my physical and eye exam and then a fourth place to get immunizations.

That SHOULD be it.

We’ll see.

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