If you haven’t seen my tweets or the Book-Addicts post about #ToBeReMo, allow me to explain.

#ToBeReMo is the brain child of Suzan; after all of the crazy, frantic writing of NaNoWriMo, she realized that she didn’t get much reading done during November.

So, after a Twitter conversation with Pamela, #ToBeReMo was born.

The idea behind #ToBeReMo is to tackle your To Be Read pile. Whether you participated in NaNoWriMo or not, you might have some reading you want to get done before the year finishes.

Being a Book-Addict, I go through books like crazy. On average, I consume a book every day. During November, however, I only managed to read seven books. Seven fairly thin, easy-to-read, young adult novels.

Though, reading seven books is still a decent amount, it feels piddly next to the usual 12+ books I read every month.

Currently, my TBR pile is as thus: More than  60 physical books sitting on a shelf, plus nearly 14 more eBooks on my eReader. And then there are about 20 other books that I simply want to reread. So, we’re looking at nearly 100 books total.

Suzan has set up #ToBeReMo in a way that anyone, avid reader or no, can participate.

Because everyone reads at different speeds, there are different levels to #ToBeReMo. You set your own goal.

  • Easy: 1-4 books
  • Moderate: 5-8 books
  • Hard: 9-10 books
  • Insane: 11-13 books
  • Ludicrous: 14-15 books
  • Sleep Much?: 15+ books

Personally, I’m going for Sleep Much? — but that’s not really much of a surprise to those of you who know me. My big goal is to read 20 books this month, but I’d be happy if I only managed 15.

I’m starting out pretty light, first up is the third book in Melissa de la Cruz‘s “Blood Bloods” series, “Revelations”. This is a YA vampire series; I managed to read the first two books during NaNo. After “Revelations” I’ll read the fifth book in the series and then move on to some cozy knitting mysteries by Maggie Sefton.

As the month progresses, the books I’m reading will get longer. I’m starting out with YA and shorter, easier-to-read novels and progressing to romances and fantasies. My brain’s still a little mushy from NaNo. Of course, I can’t neglect my Book-Addicts duties, so I’m also integrating several ARCs as well as rereading a couple of books we’re featuring for next month’s Series Fix.

There’s an official hashtag on Twitter: #ToBeReMo, so if you’re on Twitter you can use that to follow along with everyone’s progress.

I’ll be updating my progress every Thursday, but you can also follow my progress on GoodReads; I have an entire shelf dedicated to #ToBeReMo.

What level of #ToBeReMo will you shoot for and what book are you starting with?

One response

  1. Cid

    Sleep Much.
    I made a list of the books I really want to get through on my shelves and came up with 19, I need to add two more to that, so we have around the same goal. Book Addicts ftw!

    December 2, 2010 at 9:01 am

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