This is not a very good blog post. Sorry.

…there will be no formal blog post today.


Cause I’m too busy freaking out.

I’ve been sitting on tickets to the midnight premier of “Deathly Hallows” for nearly three weeks. I’m too excited to think of a blogging subject today.

However, I can add some NaNo progress…not much, but some.

Though I still have not crossed the 50K mark, I am still on track to finish “Mouse Games” this month. I’ve kind of abandoned the idea that I’ll get work done on “Desert on Fire”, so I’m saving that for December.

Yesterday, I wrote a paltry 500 words. Between school and baking a pie for an early Thanksgiving dinner, I just didn’t have much time. Not to mention the fact that I began rereading the “Vampire Academy” series by Richelle Mead. The final book comes out next month and Richelle Mead will in Dallas next month as well.

In two and a half days, I’ve read four books. First, I reread “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” to get me pumped up about the movie tonight (not that I need more excitement for my little rabbit heart). Then, I reread the first three “Vampire Academy” books. Somehow, I’m sure I’ll even manage reading book four today too.

This weekend is the “Evening of Scribbling Recklessly” — the DFW Rhinos get together for an overnight foray of writing furiously — I’m hoping to do a lot of word damage there. Currently undecided if I am spending the night or just staying until the small hours of the morning. It’s not far from my apartment and I’d much rather sleep in my bed than a sleeping bag.


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