Week Two Update

I am only 1K shy  of crossing the 40K mark.

This means, I’m just a little more than 10K shy of hitting the NaNoWriMo goal of 50K, 35K shy of my 75K goal and 160K shy of hitting 200K.

I could have been a lot closer to the big 5-0 if I hadn’t taken Tuesday off. I didn’t feel very well and all motivation went out the window. I wrote a whopping nothing that day. No fragmented sentences. Not a word.

I did, however, spend the day making a mock cover for my romantic fantasy. Previously titled The Dragon Moon, I changed the title after realizing it just didn’t fit with the story. It’s now called Desert on Fire, which I feel is much more appropriate.You can click here to see the mock cover, read the synopsis and read an excerpt. (Additionally, you can see the “Projects” tab in the menu bar to read the synopsis and excerpts of my other projects.)

Yesterday, I did write, but not as much as I could have. I still didn’t feel well, so I spent the morning in bed. After lunch, I went to Corner Bakery where I was very productive on my own for a few hours. In the evening, some other NaNo writer’s showed up and I found it hard to focus. Not necessarily because of the others, although the socializing was a factor until I put my headphones on.

More than halfway through Week Two, and I feel as though I have a good system worked out.

I work primarily on Mouse Games, and when I hit a snag or get bored, I switch to Desert on Fire. Usually I only write about one or two thousand words in DoF before going back to MG, but the break helps. The pieces are very different from one another, and only the romance aspect is the same.

I’m hoping I get hit 50K by Tuesday (3K a day this weekend and Monday, if I’m at 40K by tomorrow). I want to be completely finished with Mouse Games before Thanksgiving.

How are you doing on your NaNo progress so far?

NaNo Goal 1: 75,000
NaNo Goal 2:

Current Word Count: 39,000
Where I should be for Goal 1:
Where I should be for Goal 2:

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