The NaNo ship has sailed, and I left my sanity on the dock…

It’s official.

The 30 days of literary abandon known as NaNoWriMo has begun. Writers all over the world hunkered down at midnight to begin writing; the goal: 50,000 words in a mere 30 days.

Though this is my second year to participate in the challenge, it is my first year to attend the events in the DFW area.

Last night, in Southlake, was the DFW Rhinos (the NaNo group for DFW) Midnight Kick Off Party.

About 30 writers, dressed in costume (I was a “plotopus” — there will be a picture soonish), met at 24 hour IHOP. From 9 pm to 11:59 pm there were introductions and general socialization. I got to meet a lot of new writers in the area and it was interesting to hear what everyone was planning to write for NaNo. A few brave (crazy?) souls are attempting much more than 50,000 words…they’re attempting as many as five separate novels, and have a monthly word goal around the 200-300 thousand mark.

Hearing their dedication to their lofty word goals inspired me.

Though my original plan for NaNoWriMo was to write a 75 thousand word novel, Mouse Games, I’m now very seriously considering attempting to finish my fantasy novel, The Dragon Moon during November as well. My word goal for The Dragon Moon is around 120 thousand words, of which I have about 7,000 written.

Yes, people. On top of family, Christmas knitting and SCHOOL, I’m contemplating another (very long) novel for the month.

So, I’ve broken it down.

If I only write Mouse Games, I’ll need to average 2,500 words a day to meet my goal of 75,000 by the end of November.

If I attempt both Mouse Games and The Dragon Moon, my monthly word goal is just shy of 200,000 words. This would require me to write about 6,500 – 7,000 words a day.

It is completely possible to write both, but remembering that I have school and a family, I’m not so sure I’m up for it. So, the goal for now is to focus on Mouse Games. If I happen to finish early, then I’ll work on The Dragon Moon, but I won’t tell myself I have to finish that one during NaNo too.

I have to remind myself that those brave individuals writing five novels are much more experienced and have a lot more time on their hands. A few of my friends are using vacation days this month in order to maximize their writing.

Still, being around such dedicated writers is a boost for me. I’m more inclined to push myself surrounded by these rabid writers.

So last night I began the novel I’d been planning since the end of August. My ultimate goal was to write 6,000 words last night/this morning, and I stopped just shy of that goal. In the end, 5am rolled around and I realized that it would be wise to get some sleep.

My goal by the end of today, however, is to be at or very near the 12,000 mark. I like to start out as ahead of the game as possible. If I don’t hit 12,000, I won’t be too upset. I don’t have classes on Fridays, so that’s a full day of writing each week.

So, here we go. Another month of crazyness. Please leave me lots of encouragement. I’ll need it.

NaNo Goal1: 75,000 words
Current Word Count: 5,167

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