Plot Bunny Attack!

Once a plot bunny** has you, there is no escape, only writing.

The other day, as I partook in my favorite pastime — procrastinating on what I should be doing in favor of playing on the internet — I came across something very interesting.

An old, very old, online journal.

So, naturally, I spent the entire afternoon rereading all of the old entries and delving into babblings about boys I’d forgotten. Three things happened as I read through this journal.

1.  I laughed. Man, did I laugh. While I can see how/why at the time I wrote those entries I was angry and frustrated, over all, I had some blurbs that I couldn’t help but crack a smile at.

Around 10:30am, I hop in the shower and once I get out, there is a knock at the door. I have my younger brother answer because I’m in a towel. He tells me it’s some Mexican guy. So I ignore it. Then I ask him to go to my car to get my jeans, because they where in the back seat. There’s a note on my car–from Jake*.

It was Jake at the door. Not a Mexican.

I ask my brother what made him think he was a Mexican, and he replies, “I dunno! He looked like a Mexican Ryan Seacrest!” Which makes me laugh, cause I can totally see where my brother gets that. Jake’s white, but he’s got a deep, golden tan, brown hair with highlights and a brilliant mega-watt smile.

2. I realized that will be forever grateful to my husband. I dated some terrible, terrible guys. Some may have seemed nice, but after reading the things I went through after break ups, I’m glad to have found true happiness with my husband.

3. Plot bunnies attacked me.

Plot bunnies are ideas. Sometimes they run away from you. Sometimes they come in hordes — like they did when I read my old journal.

What I discovered, rereading my old journal, was that my NaNo novel, Mouse Games, is actually a sequel to a novel I haven’t even thought of yet.

I knew that a lot of guys I would feature as dates in Mouse Games would be loosely based on dates I’ve had in the past, but rereading my old journal, I realized I’ve had a lot of lame dates and more than my fair share of romances gone bad.Revenge is sweet that way. Not to worry, names will be changed to protect the not-so innocent.

Enter the plot bunnies.

“Mouse Games is book two,” they squeaked, looking at me with their beady little eyes.
Another one nodded while a third quipped, “You have to write book one, first.”
“At least a basic first draft before NaNo,” the second added.

Who am I to argue with plot bunnies when they beseech my inner muse squeaking cutely like that? Besides, they dumped a lot of good ideas for this first book on me, including using lines I found in my old journal like the one above. Book one is tentatively titled Party Favors, and I currently have just a little more than six thousand words written in it.

So, in the next three months, I’m going to attempt to write not one, but two novels.

Please don’t ask why I torture myself this way, because I don’t really have an answer.

*Name changed.
**Yes, I did knit that.

2 responses

  1. Cid

    LoL – time for you to get to working!

    September 23, 2010 at 4:52 pm

  2. i love love love the little bunny. adorable

    September 23, 2010 at 5:31 pm

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