Catching up.

I’m not entirely sure what happened to the weekend.

Thursday I left with my dad and my niece to surprise my brother in Chicago. Though he knew my dad and I were going to visit him, he had no idea we were bringing his little girl. He hasn’t seen her since May, so it was a very happy surprise.

Once again, however, the city of Chicago has disappointed me.

Because the drive from Dallas to Chicago is about 15 hours, I had planned to get a lot of reading and homework done. However, entertaining a three year old for 15 hours took most of my time. Despite that, she was a freaking trooper. At one point we could not find an exit anywhere off the highway we were on. Of course, she had to potty, but she held it for about three hours until I found a place to stop.

I didn’t even get much of a chance to read, either. I need to get caught up though, cause I came home to the ARC of “Wicked Highlander” by Donna Grant, and I’m super excited about it. It’s about Quinn; I adore Quinn and can’t wait to read his story.

While I was away this weekend, I did not get to participate in 750 Words.

Being away from that challenge turned out to be a good thing, though. Initially I was really, really disappointed and upset about missing days. But, because I couldn’t write for 750 Words, I wrote in some of my WiPs. It wasn’t until the drive back on Monday when I realized I’d written almost 3K in one WiP, that 750 Words wasn’t really working for me the way it was supposed to.

Yes, I was writing daily, but after I dumped the random babblings of my brain onto the site, I didn’t write anything else. Despite my best intentions, it just wasn’t working. I realized there wasn’t a point in continuing with the challenge if I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it. Yes, I realize most of that has to do with me, but if I only have an hour each morning to write, I should use it on my WiPs, not 750 Words.

Even though it’s only Tuesday, I’m feeling sluggish. Perhaps it was the long drive and the long weekend, but I feel like I have so much to do and get caught up on and not enough time. I really need to start making and attempting to follow some sort of schedule.

I completely forgot about the Blogging Circle. This week is about writer’s block. Cid, however, has blogged about it, and she’s got some great suggestions. Linda will discuss her ways of dealing with writer’s block tomorrow.

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  1. Don’t feel bad, I also dumped on 750 words/day and decided it wasn’t worth it. I could be using that time spent writing more productively. 😀

    Don’t worry about skipping out on the Blogging Circle. Monday was a holiday after all! *wink*

    September 8, 2010 at 10:52 am

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