Busier than a bee.

Currently, I’m feeling pretty damn good about my five day streak for 75o Words.

However, I’m also beginning to see what my course load for this semester is going to be like. Let me tell you: I am so relieved that my summer courses fell through and I had to redo my fall schedule. What ever possessed me to think I could mange SIX courses in one semester, four of them being senior level?


I only have three courses this semester – two of which are journalism courses – and I can already see that I’m going to be kept busy with just that. It makes me glad that I’m ahead on my reading for Book Addicts. I just need to catch up review wise. But there’s a three day weekend coming up, so we’ll see.

Even though I’m doing well with 750Words, I’m not doing very well with my WIPs. I’ve done some outlining and character profiling for my NaNo novel (Mouse Games), I haven’t worked on much else.

I need to really better my time management skills when it comes that. Any suggestions?

What I’m hoping will help me is to create a routine to follow. It may seem silly and juvenile, but I can’t think of what else to do to help me succeed here. So, this weekend I’m going to create a rough schedule for myself. I need to find a good, not-so-stressful balance between writing my WIPs, writing book reviews, writing for school, studying, reading, knitting and my social life.

Since my classes are primarily in the late morning to late afternoons, I want to start getting up early — no excuses! — and doing my writing then. I’ll pick a WIP and write for at least an hour, and I’ll do my 750 Words entry as well. Then I’ll make sure the apartment is clean, dog is taken out, etc. I’ll try to write a review or two before I go to class. When I come home, I’ll read for whatever class I have the next day and take my notes. After studying and dinner, I’ll relax with TV and knitting….then read (fun stuff) before bed).

TV and knitting will be replaced once a week with #writersdatenight…..

Of course, this is just a tentative thing, and I will by no means follow my routine to a T. I just need a little guidance.

How do you balance your time when you’re ridiculously busy?

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