Jet lag. Kind of.

I’m well aware that I skipped Wednesday’s “Lessons in Writing” post.

I’m still a bit discombobulated from the honeymoon, and operating on “I’m on a cruise in the Caribbean” time. I fully plan on getting back to “real world” time sometime today or this weekend. Just be patient, cause I’ve got lots of things to do.

Among the things needed getting done (and we won’t mention housework..) are the reviews I need to write for Book-Addicts. Over the cruise I read six books, and today I just finished book seven and started book eight. I have not scheduled anything reviews for September, and August is nearly over.

Though I managed to get through two reviews yesterday, it’s my goal to be caught up on reviews by Saturday. This way I can spend Saturday back tracking emails (you won’t believe how many emails the Book-Addicts go through…or maybe you which case you are one of the Book-Addicts..or you’re Carolyn…) and getting organized for September AND October. I really want (and need) to stay a month or two ahead when it comes to Book-Addicts stuff. Especially now that the semester has started.

Cause I only have September to get organized. October brings midterms which is then followed by NaNo in November and finals in December.

So yea, this weekend will be about me playing catch up. Not only for Book-Addicts stuff (though mostly), but I want to get back into my knitting routine, I want to start working out and I want to get ahead for Blog Circle and LiW posts.

This will be a busy weekend.

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