A mini update

The people who constantly push me to be a better writer have decided we should start a blog tour. Each week we’ll have a subject to blog about and each day of the week this subject will be featured in a different blog.

I’m Monday, and next week’s topic is: What are your favorite character quirks?

So stay tuned! Cause I’m pretty excited about this project. It’ll motivate me to blog about more serious, grown up stuff.

Ooh! Remember all my tweeting about winning a big ass box of books from the Bradford Literary Agency?

Well it came in! I now have 14 new books waiting to be read. Put those with the 20+ others covering my crafting table…and my TBR list is getting a little out of hand. And it’s not even completed. Friends have others that I’m going to read (it’s just that other friends are currently housing them in their TBR lists!), so yes, my TBR list = almost out of control. This is all great news for Book-Addicts fans though, cause not only do I have lots of review material, I actually now have double copies of a few books which means…GIVEAWAYS!

Anyway, I need to get cracking on Monday’s blog circle post and Wednesday’s lessons in writing post – I need to write and schedule them now cause tomorrow I leave for my HONEYMOON! ❤

A very happy five month wedding anniversary to me and the bagpiper.

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