142 Days Left

Knitted gifts are awesome.

There are 142 days until Christmas.

This means there are approximately 140 days available for knitting Christmas gifts (because I am not [repeat: NOT] doing what I’ve done the past two years which is to knit right up until it’s time to go to the parent’s house for Christmas dinner..).

And while 140 days may seem like I have plenty of time, knitters know that 140 days goes by in the blink of an eye. Especially if you’re like me and you have the mentality of, “Oh, I’ll get an early start and begin in August!”, “Oh, I can start in October and still have plenty of time.”, “Shit. It’s Dec. 23 and I’ve only finished two gifts!” *searches Ravelry for super quick knits*.

So this year will be different! This year will be a success! Quit mocking me and stop rolling your eyes. Dammit! Give me some encouragement! I can do this! I’ve learned!

No really, I’ve learned. I’ve learned a lot about knitting for family for the holidays. My first year I wanted to knit for everyone and I wanted to make scarves with matching hats. Except, I hadn’t master hat knitting and I hate knitting scarves. Only two people got scarves…one of which was shortened, cause I just ran out of time (for real. I did my bind off five minutes before heading over to my grandmother’s..and I weaved in the ends in the car..). Second year I wanted to knit for everyone, but I wanted the gifts to be unique. Managed three hats and five last minute headbands. Realized that the people I managed to knit for did not really appreciate knitted gifts.

So here are some purls of wisdom when it comes to Christmas knitting…

10 things I’ve learned about Christmas knitting:

  1. Get organized. Make a list. Include everyone.
  2. Get realistic. Reevaluate list. Cross people off.
  3. Designate type of gift for people depending on their style.
  4. Get realistic. Can you knit those gifts in the allotted time? Remember..you have work/school/kids/life.
  5. Go through your stash. Try to use what you have.
  6. Buy yarn!
  7. Knit. Set some deadlines for projects to help you.
  8. Realize it’s November and you’re behind. Reevaluate list and/or knitting projects.
  9. Join a knitting group for motivation.
  10. Realize it’s two days til Christmas and hope you’re done with your knitting. If not, headbands and chunky scarves knit on US 15 needles it is!

So see? I’ve learned.

Now to go through my Ravelry queue and search the pattern databank while I put together my list. Yes, I’m being very realistic this year. Between Book-Addicts, school, writing and reading, my Christmas knitting list is going to be relativity short. I’m only knitting for the select few that I know will truly appreciate the time and love that goes into a handmade gift. I’m going to remember that I tend to procrastinate and pick easy projects that I will enjoy. Like hats. I’m definitely a hat knitter.

If there’s time (and let’s face it, when is there ever really time?) I’ll knit extra gifts for others. Like knitted ornaments or something. Or handmade mint soap. Yea. That sounds good.

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