May Wrap Up; June Goals

Courtesy of Google ImagesThe last few days have been a blur of busyness!

I spent Memorial weekend driving all over Texas and spending time with my family. Ted and I went to Houston for the wedding of one of his friends; he played the bagpipes during the ceremony and sounded absolutely amazing. Afterward, I helped him DJ the reception. Sunday morning we drove back to DFW and went to a family picnic at Burger’s Lake. My family goes every year, and this year was especially important as it was the last weekend my baby brother (who is not such a baby, he’s 22!) would be here. Monday my brother left for boot camp in Chicago.

I took Tuesday off to recuperate from all the traveling, and Ted and I made the tough decision to put our ferret, Snarf, down to sleep. He was just more than eight years old, which is old for ferrets, but it was still hard to make the decision. He had adrenal disease (common in ferrets)  as well as diabetes.

Today I spent the day with my mom, who is suffering from empty-nest-syndrome.

I wasn’t planning a blog post today, but it’s needed.

May was a busy writing month for me, and I’m very happy with what I managed to accomplish.

My goals for May were:

  • Story a Day May: 15-20 stories.
  • Articles: 10
  • Tangled Dreams: Chapters 1-3 revision

Here is what I did accomplish:

  • Story a Day May: While I posted something everyday, some stories were broken up into parts. However, I did manage to write 18 stories/scenes and a grand total of  16,816 words!
  • Articles: Two for this blog and eight for Examiner; exactly 10 articles. Grand total of 3,617 words.
  • Tangled Dreams revision: Nothing. I decided I want to take this story in a different direction, so I basically want to rewrite the entire thing. I’m going to participate in JulNoWriMo, and this is going to be my project for that. However, I did start a new project, Child of Secret, and I have 4,847 words written there as well as a pretty decent outline.

Total Words Written for May: 25, 280

With the exception of Tangled Dreams, I’ve met all of my May goals and I’m very, very proud of myself. Granted, I didn’t knit a single thing, but that’s OK — I can work on managing both my hobbies this month.

Goals for June:

  • Child of Secret: I want to finish this story so I can use August for revision. However, if I don’t finish, I would like to at least have a good 60,000 words written in.
  • Shadowed Heart outlines: I have the outline for Child of Secret, but I would like to put together an outline for book two and three. I’m terrible at making outlines, but this is such a big story in my head, I know that I need an outline to tell it the way I want to.
  • Articles: 12 for Examiner (posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and one or two for the blog.
  • Reading: I didn’t read a whole lot last month (only three books!), but I’d like to do a lot more reading this month. I’ve started participating in the GoodReads book swap program, so hopefully I can get some new reading material despite my lack of funds at the moment. I’m also taking recommendations, so feel free to leave a comment with what you recommend!
  • Knitting: Since I didn’t knit at all last month, I’d like to find a good balance between my writing and my knitting. I enjoy both equally, so I should be able to balance my favorite hobbies. I think I’ll save writing for during the day (I’m trying to put myself on a writing schedule), knitting for when I’m watching TV in the evenings and reading for just before bed.
  • Total Words Written: I’d like to have a total of 75,000 words written this month.

I am going to try to not feel too disappointed if I can’t complete all of these goals (especially if I can’t finish Child of Secret), since I am starting summer classes next week.

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