Goal Check.

Courtesy of Google ImagesOne of the methods I’m utilizing to make myself a better writer is to set monthly goals for myself.

This is an idea I got from my writerly friend, Cid.

Now that the month is more than half gone, I thought I’d do goal check-in as a blog post. Sometimes, just seeing it out there gives me more motivation to finish the goals that I haven’t gotten around to. It’s also a great confidence boost when I realize I’ve completed a goal or am well on my way to completing them.

May Goals

  • Story a Day – While it was originally my goal to complete between 15-20 stories, I’ve subconsciously made it my goal to write and post something every day. I hit a  writing slump last week, but I’m pulling myself out of it and have been in the process of playing catch up. I’m currently at 12 stories. Some stories, however, are broken into parts (hey, I gotta catch up somehow!) and others are scenes from novels I have in the works.
  • Tangled Dreams – I wanted to start revising my 2009 NaNo novel beginning with the first three chapters. I reread it this past weekend and got a little scared by how terrible it is. I’m still in love with the characters and the potential story hiding in there, but it’s going to need a lot of revising.  I’m toying with the idea of moving it from first person to third as well as changing the setting — taking it from modern day to way back in the day. But with Story a Day taking up my writing time as well as a new gig (see below), I may save the revising as my project for JulNoWriMo.
  • 10 Articles – Well, I wanted to flex my journalistic writing muscles as well as my fiction ones, and I’m definitely meeting this goal in a BIG way. My post on how to get out of a writing slump was picked up by Visions for Writers, and will be featured in their July edition (hopefully — it’s in review). Aside from that, I’m also the new Fort Worth Knitting Examiner. I’m getting paid (mostly based on traffic flow, retweets and shares) to write about knitting news happening in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At first I thought I could write an article everyday, and I’ll certainly attempt to have a bunch of ideas, but I also want to ensure that I’ll be writing a few months down the road and beyond, so I may limit myself to two or three times a week for starters.

So that’s where I’m at for the month. Aside from not having the time to work on Tangled Dreams, I think I’m doing pretty good meeting these goals..slump and all.

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