Confidence: Now with extra ideas!

Google ImagesI‘m feeling very confident about Story a Day.

So far, I’ve written two stories, and have outlined rough ideas for seven more. If you’re keeping count, that’s a total of nine stories or nine days of stories. My biggest concern is trying to balance writing time with studying-for-finals time. Finals are next week. This is bad because, well, it’s finals and it’s a lot of studying. This is good because, well, this hellish semester I’ve been having is coming to a glorious end.

All the group project frustrations will be gone.

Do you know how amazing it feels to know I will (in all probability) never have to work with these people ever again?

(I promise you, there are angels being born and heralds trumpeting somewhere)


The Story a Day challenge is going good. The two stories I’ve written, have created two different worlds that want to be full-length novels. Next month I’ll challenge myself to create well-drafted outlines for every story idea that wants to be a novel. Maybe I’ll use one of the ideas for NaNo 2010.

The first story, entitled Celestial Gold, is a bit fragmented and unless you know the characters before hand, doesn’t make any sense. This is OK. The characters are based on characters from my days of chat room RPGs. This “story” will end up being a scene in a very long novel (thinking trilogy length).

The second story is titled The Beauty of Pain, and is a dark fantasy short story that asks, “What if Beauty wanted the Beast, just as he was, dark desires and all?” I’m extremely pleased with this one (the encouraging comments help) and I want to develop these characters further. One of the other ideas I have for a story this month is about the “Beast” and how he came to be cursed.

I also found this great short story generator off of  Beccaeave’s Story a Day blog. It’s a great little site that not only offers a generator for short story ideas, but also a generator for character ideas, title ideas and more.

Short Story Ideas

And while I haven’t written any articles, my muse blessed me around 1am last night with both story ideas and article ideas. Thankfully (and totally by happenstance), there was a small notebook by the side of my bed so I was able to turn on my lamp and write all these ideas down — a good thing, because this morning I looked over and was pretty excited (plus, I’d already forgotten the ideas).

Currently, I have ideas for five articles. They covering everything from the decline of customer service in the cell phone industry (inspired by my battles with Sprint yesterday), the rise of the small internet business owner, motivation and setting goals, an homage to geekdom, and wondering how important social networking really is.

Tangled Dreams is for now, untouched. Revision and editing will not begin until after finals.

I’ve got enough on my plate.

One response

  1. Cid

    woohoo! super exciting that it’s going so well for you!! i’m totally going to read everyones stuff today. i just got bogged down over the weekend. :-/

    May 3, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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