Short Story Challenge & May Goals

Courtesy of Google ImagesSurrounding myself with some great writer friends has made me take my own writing more seriously. Because I employ a craft-themed blog over at The Yarn Panda, I am transforming this blog into my writing themed blog.

It’s technically May 2nd, but I’m setting this post on May 1st, simply for the fact that my OCD will not let me rest if I know that I started a blog on the 2nd of a month when I could have started it on the first by just posting a couple hours earlier…

..shut up.

I’m kicking this post off with my writing goals for May, lofty though they may seem at this juncture.

May Goals:

  • Story a Day – This is exactly what it sounds like it is. It’s a challenge to, well, write a story a day for the entire month of May. I’m not so naive to believe that I will actually write a brand-new story each day for 31 days. However, I do have the goal to write at least 15-20 stories. That’s obtainable. I think. You can follow my progress here.
  • Tangled Dreams – My NaNoWriMo 2009 story. While I am extremely pleased/proud that I won my very first NaNo, I do recognize how very rough this story is. That’s OK. NaNo was more a challenge to just get the story out of my brain. And it is. Now I need to revise it. I want to revise the first three chapters this month.
  • 10 Articles – Writing fiction is much more fun for me than writing articles, however, with a slight background in journalism and being a public relations major, I want to keep my journalistic muscles flexed. It doesn’t matter to me what these articles are about (knitting, baseball, writing, social media, etc), I just want to write some stuff outside of the realm of fiction/creative writing.

With finals beginning in two weeks, I think these are the only writing goals I can handle this month. And while they may be few, they are a bit lofty (at least to me). Especially challenging myself to write a different story every day. Short stories are not my strongest suit — evident by my first Story a Day post — which is going to end up being a scene in a much longer story down the road…

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