Lost Velvet.

Ugh! As usual, Lost’s season finale was ridonkulous. Also as usual, I have an entire year of agonizing waiting and forgetting what the hell is going on on that island and to who and in what time period. I can’t believe next season is the final season! What ever will I devote my Wednesday evenings to when Lost is over?

Mom came over for dinner. I served pot roast, which sat in the slow cooker since last night, so it was truly succulent and sublimely tender. What’s more, is there was plenty left over for pot roast sandwiches tomorrow for lunch…yum yum! I also made some diced roasted rosemary potatoes with a bit of parmesan cheese, and for Ted and myself, some steamed broccoli (Mom isn’t much of a veggie eater).

For dessert, I baked a delicious red velvet cake with white frosting. I’ve never made red velvet cake before, so I was really pleased with how it came out.

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