Finals, frogs, and ferrets.


I took my last final today. It was my French final, so I wasn’t too stressed about it. I have been doing really well in French. However, I did have a mini meltdown, because I thought the final was at 9am (this is what I had written down in my notes about 5 times), so when I show up to class about fifteen minutes early, I see a kid from my class leaving. As he passes me, he says, “Good luck.” A bit confused, I asked him why he was leaving if the final was at 9am. He looks at me and says, “ started at 8am.” Then he walks off.

So I’m walking down the stairs to class panicking. Some professors will not let you into class once an exam has begun. Of course the door was also locked to the class room, but to my immense relief, my professor let me in and didn’t seem to mind at all that I was 45min late.

I managed to finish the exam in under half an hour, and I feel really good about it, so I’m glad things worked out. Though, now that I think about it, even if I made a zero on the final, I’d still pass the course with a low B or a high C.

So, I’m done for the semester. No more school til June..when the summer session begins. Rawr. Oh well, it’s for the best that I’m getting a few classes out of the way over the summer. It means fall will be a little less stressful, though probably not by much.

I started some more Leftover Dishtowels. I started one with Peaches & Creme cotton in Peppermint (white and red colorway), but about 10 rows in, didn’t like the way it was looking. I’m not sure if I want to finish it later or just frog it and make dishcloths out of it..

Anyway, I started another one in a solid colorway; this time using Bernat Cotton Country Colors in Country Red. I like this so much more.

It’s a huge skein too, so I’ll probably be able to make about 6 or 7 of them. Each takes about 110 yds, and this skein has 710 yds.

This works out very nicely, cause I want to make one for my mom and mil, and still have some extra that I can either add to my etsy, or use as quick “been thinking about you” gifts. Plus, I received a myspace message last night from Keith, who is in Annapolis saying he wanted one. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic or not, but he’s getting one. lol

A while back, Ted bought me a purple yarn case on wheels. It’s perfect for storing a large WIP or several small/medium WIPs. It’s also, as of late, become a perfect ferret bed. Snarf manages to weasle under the door to the linen yarn closet, and climbs into the bag when he wants to nap. There’s a small skein of some left over cotton (ironically in the peppermint colorway), and I believe he snuggles with it or uses it for a pillow…

Also, I can’t wait for the season finale of Lost tonight..Mom is coming over for dinner, and I have prepared a delicious pot roast. It’s been in the crock pot since last night, so it’s going to be amazingly tender. ^_^v

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  1. I love that your WIP container became a ferret hammock! This makes me miss my ferrets so much.

    August 6, 2009 at 9:45 pm

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