Cookies and Cotton..

Watching the sun crawl across the patio on a typical lazy Sunday afternoon, listening to Ted strum his guitar as he works on his final project for his arranging class, I decided to bake cookies. Not just chocolate chip, which are my favorite to bake, but something a teensy bit different, but not too different since my ingredients are limited. I decided on white chocolate macadamia nut….

…after a rather long afternoon of knitting (I’m almost done with my dish towel, and will complete it in the next hour or so), then baking, and then knowing I’m going to cook dinner later…I feel like a domestic goddess. My cookies came out like a slice of heaven, at once soft and crunchy.

I also cleaned up the apartment a little, which only further adds to my domesticated goddess status.

I also finished my dishcloth for the knit-along (KAL)/swap I’m doing through the Trichster Ravelry Group I’m in. I did the Superhero Dishcloth, since the girl I’m making one for states she likes super heroes on her profile. Hopefully that includes Superman…

I’m also working on a dishtowel, using some Bella Colour yarn in a pink/orange/green colorway. It’s looking quite gorgeous, and I can probably finish that up tonight or tomorrow…It’s nice, because the cotton yarn I am using fits into this GORGEOUS hand-made knitting bowl I bought off of etsy a few weeks ago…

As you can see…the colorway is just gorgeous. I’m so excited to finish this..which hopefully I will be able to do today in between studying for my Mass Comm. final tomorrow.

That’s pretty much how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Baking and knitting. If only everyday could be so wonderful. Though, I should point out that I finished knitting the dishcloth last week, but I had to block it and give it shape, and I wanted to wait until it was completely dry before taking a picture. But considering what I went through (I almost ran out of yarn with 10 rows to go..but I chanced it and had EXACTLY enough) I think it came out pretty good.

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