Am I the only one who enjoys knitting with boucle?


98% of the knitting and crochet community probably hates this yarn, but for whatever reason, I thoroughly enjoy knitting with it. I’ve never had the snagging/breaking problems that most people complain about. Whether it’s because I use aluminum needles when I knit with boucle or because I keep the pattern simple (impossible to see any stitch pattern, so I always just use garter stitch), I’ve never had any bad experiences knitting with boucle. I love the way it feels; at once light but warm, and super soft.

A few months back (either in December for Christmas or in January for my birthday), a friend of mine bought me two huge skeins of Sensations Rainbow Boucle. One in dark blue, the other in lavender shimmer. One of my resolutions was to stash-bust before buying more yarn, so I thought I’d start with the larger skeins first. Maybe cause it’ll look like I’m breaking through my stash faster if I get rid of the larger

Anyway, yesterday I found a really simple shawl pattern on Ravelry, and using the dark blue, began a shawl. Originally, I thought it could be a gift to Jen (who bought me the yarn), but the more I knit with it I feel like it should go to my mother-in-law. I think she would put a little more use into a shawl, and the colorway reminds me of her. It goes from dark blue and fades to a pale blue and back to dark. Jen got me some other small skeins of yarn, one of which is a pretty purplish of Vanna’s Choice. Maybe I’ll knit her a pair of fingerless gloves, she’s a smoker, so she may use that more than a shawl. I’m knitting myself a shawl in the Lavender Shimmer. I want a shawl, and I keep knitting them for the women in my family, and have yet to knit one for myself.

The pattern is knitting up really quickly, and I feel as though I should be done by Wednesday or Thursday. I casted on yesterday, and I’m already nearly 1/2 way through. My goal is to finish the shawl next week, and then save it until Christmas…getting a jump on Christmas knitting seems a grand idea. If I start now, maybe I can finish in time for the holidays for once. Last year I was supposed to give my mom a super warm burgundy shawl, and I didn’t finish in time, so it’s still in my yarn closet, waiting for this Christmas.

In the Trichster group on Rav, we’re in the middle of a dishcloth KAL/Swap, and wouldn’t you know it….with 20 rows to go, I run out of yarn. Ugh! I was so angry. None of the craft stores around me had the colorway I was looking for (Peaches & Creme in Peacock), but through the magic that is Rav, I was able to find some one willing to send me the yardage needed to finish the cloth. I really hope it comes in this week so I can finish it during the week/weekend. Ideally it’s in the mail the first week of May.

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