Back to Basics


So I forgot about this blog. Again.

The summer has passed in a flash, and now that we’re well into Auguest, I’ve sat down and realized I did not knit a damn thing over the course of the summer. I miss knitting. But life is just so damn crazy right now. I’ve got more responsibility than I should have at work.

And while it’s nice on one hand, on the other….well suffice it to say I could use a raise for all my hard work!

However, I am going to begin to take work much less seriously than I have been in the past few months, and go back to me. And that means knitting. I recently made a list of knitted Christmas gifts I want to make for the family.

If I begin now (as I already have) I think my list is attainable. I found a simple pattern on for a watch (“Boogie Time”), and I have plans to make about 4 of them for the girls in the family. Beanies and scarves for the boys. Teddy bears and dolls for the kids. And prayer shawls for the women. Nothing too fancy, but nothing too simply either.

Wish me luck.

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