Boho Bracelets, Clown Gloves, and Amigurumi

So I knitted a few Boho Bracelets. Have yet to take pictures. Going to attempt to take some pictures tonight…I dunno. Life’s been crazy busy since DH and I returned from our vacation.

Currently on my needles are the fingerless mitts I’m making to go with my clown costume. ^_^

I’ve also discovered something known as amigurumi….Japanese knitted/crocheted toys that are so friggin CUTE! Most of the patterns I’ve found are crochet (and there’s about 3 crochet books at Borders too)…which sucks since I’m a knitter…but and are good sources for knitted patterns. I think when life calms down a bit I want to start designing my own knitted patterns….

….can any one say free patterns ftw? ^_^

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