Silly me.

My Love and I just spent a week in Puerto Rico (visiting some of my family and touring the island), and I thought it would be bloody brilliant to bring my knitting bag along to get some work done while I lounged on the beach.

Did I ever do that?

Of course not.

The only knitting I got done, was a quick, spur-of-the-moment, dual-strand bracelet that I just sort of made up as I began knitting. It’s pretty…or will be when I finish. I need to get home so I can cut it off from the balls of yarn (as scissors are not allowed in airports) and sew in the ends.

Anyway, knitting that quick bracelet has me wanting to try my hand at incorporating beads into my work. I think it’s something that I could get the hang of fairly quickly.

Pairing beaded, knitted jewelry with my new found love of silk wraps and sarongs, makes me feel like a pretty little bohemian girl.

As soon as I get home to Dallas (we are driving from Miami, FL to Dallas, TX), I’ll post a picture or two of the WIP and then the FO.

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