I started this blog awhile ago, but for some reason or the other, it sat, collecting dust. I’m not really sure where I went wrong with it, but my best guest is that life simply happened and I just forgot about it. This blog was (and still is) intended to be my knitting blog. I don’t always get to knit as often as I’d like, but when I do it’s extremely relaxing and I’m always proud of the things I knit. But I am just 24, and life is extremely hectic for me. I work full time in a coffee shop, I’m in college (and it’s been a tough spring semester), I’m in clown school (yes, that’s real), I’m training my new puppy (an adorable Maltese named Sushi), fighting with a ferret named Snarf (who constantly steals anything rubber…like my needle point-protectors), and being happily in love. So juggling all this leaves precious little time for knitting, but I do knit when I can—usually in the evenings on the couch while My Love watches TV or works on his music.

I’m not a novice at knitting. I self taught myself about 2 years ago. However, I’m not exactly an expert either. Probably because, as mentioned earlier, I don’t get to knit as often as I’d like. Or maybe because in the past year, I’ve done nothing but baby blankets for all the expectant mothers in my life (2007 was definitely the year of the baby…4 blankets!)…and I think knitting a giant square can get kind of boring. Although I branched out on the last two blankets (the final one I am still working on) and tried some different techniques so that I wasn’t knitting just a huge square.

Now I think (after I finish the one last blanket) I’d like to try something with a little more personality. A skirt for my niece or maybe some knitted toys for all those babies I knitted blankets for. Maybe doggie clothes and toys. Something other than a large square.

So welcome to my revamped knitting blog, in where a young Puerto Rican girl tries to stitch in Spanish and purl with pride.

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